Tower Farms 35th Stag & Hind Sale
Lot 3
Lot 3
Lot 1 20 156 Lot 1 Lot 5 20 182 Lot 5 20 182
Lot 1 20 156 Lot 1 Lot 5 20 182 Lot 5 20 182
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35th Stag and Hind sale ON FARM 232 Holland Road Hamilton and online with BIDR WAS ON Thursday 14th December 2023 @ 11.45 am Velvet sires and trophy Sires with CROWLEY DEER

Joe Crowley
Tower Farms 35th Stag & Hind Sale
188 A Discombe Road
Ph: 07 823 3309
07 823 3380

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Conditions & Agent details
*** NEW LOCATION 232 HOLLAND RD Hamilton Live Weight link

Species Breeds Breeding For Selling Agents  
Red Deer
2 year Hinds
3 Yr Stags
Mixed Age Stags
Trophy Stags
Yearling Hinds

Postal Address Contacts
188 A Discombe Road R D 3 Hamilton Joe Crowley - 027 472 7436
a/h 07 823 3309

Conditions of Sale Insurance Guarantees

Tower Farms Deer Ltd
a note re some Sale Stags/Hinds not presented on Sale Day
all Trophy Stags bar one, will now be present on Sale Day.
Lot 8 - 20 166 will be absent, he is toooo wide for the shed.
Even though they won't be present, Lot 8 and velvet stags (Lots 9, 10, 11) will still be auctioned.
We are very sorry for any further inconvenience this has caused.

Please find attached, sale weights as well as two pedigrees for additional sale stags.

Please note hinds will not be presented also, but auctioned along the same format as the online Bidr model.

Maiden 2yr Hind Withdrawals
Pre fawning on the run off we visually scanned (not machine) all the maiden hinds,
the obvious positive making it back to Cambridge.
Left alone, the visually negative were catalogued accordingly.
Four days before the sale and a trip back to Cambridge to be weighed we have four "dry hinds" with udders.
We regret any inconvenience.

Joe Crowley 027 4727436

Sale Day Weights Other Information