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Rising Stars Hard Antler & Velvet Competition Rising Stars Hard Antler & Velvet Competition Rising Stars Hard Antler & Velvet Competition
EnviroWands EnviroWands EnviroWands Check out this exciting new electric fencing innovation. -Elimination of fence ruts - Protection of your fence and fence lines - Simple and easy to install. - Practical, effective and safe for your deer and for the environment. EnviroWands
Canes Deer Velvet Canes Deer Velvet Canes produce Deer Velvet from their own farm in clean green New Zealand. Canes Deer Antler Velvet is a hgh quality velvet supplement that really works. Canes Deer Velvet
Genomnz Genomnz Genomnz™ is New Zealand’s leading DNA animal testing service. Genomnz™ delivers genetic analytical services for farmed and high value ruminant animals. Genomnz
Downlands Deer Downlands Deer Specialising in cartage of all deer, we are NZ Deer Farmers preferred stud stock carrier. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Downlands Deer
Rotorua Deer Transport Rotorua Deer Transport For all your deer transport requirements. From Fallow to Trophy stags Accredited Owner Operators Dave & Toni Fowell Ph 07 345 3327 Your Business is our Business .... Deer. Rotorua Deer Transport
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New Zealand Deer Sales, Deer breeders, stag sales, hind sales, semen sales, public auctions and private treaty sales. Sales listing with photos and links to catalogues for public sales of deer, stud hinds & stags, velvet stags, Trophy Stags and commercial deer. Red deer Fallow deer, Wapiti and Elk and other breeds. Contact the breeder or farmer direct all contact details available on trade deer and please contact tradedeer if you need any assistance.
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Trade deer is the largest and most comprehensive up to date list of deer breeders & stud animals in New Zealand. Red Deer, fallow Deer and Wapiti. Deer farmers and deer breeders and deer related products. To advertise on trade deer please contact .....Sharon..... e-mail : (07)332 3647 (027) 486 4341
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421 Te Waerenga Rd R D 6 Rotorua 3096 New Zealand. (07) 332 3647 mobile 027 4864 341 e-mail
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