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About Venison

Venison is a healthy red meat, with virtually no fat or cholesterol. It's also high in protein and an excellent source of bio-available iron.

Farm raised New Zealand venison is exported worldwide; however Western Europe (including Scandinavia) is the major market for New Zealand venison exports, taking approximately 85 percent of total exports. Germany is our largest single market, as venison is an important part of traditional German autumn and winter cuisine. Other major European markets include Belgium, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. The USA is the industry's main export market outside Europe.

What is Velvet?
Velvet is the growing antler of the male deer. Before antlers harden and calcify, they are soft tissue covered in a fine hair, hence the name, velvet.

Male deer grow antlers every year. If not removed at an early stage, these antlers harden and are used as weapons, causing damage to other deer. If not removed, the hardened antlers are ‘cast’ in late Winter or early Spring to make way for the next year’s set of antlers.

Velvet removal is carried out by veterinarians or specially trained farmers using analgesic techniques to ensure stags feel no pain under the co-ordination of the National Velveting Standards Body programme.
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Deer Industry New Zealand is responsible for promoting and assisting with the orderly development of the deer industry. Deer Industry New Zealand has a worldwide co-ordination role through research and promotion of quality products derived from deer - especially venison and velvet.

Deer Industry New Zealand
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