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Jerry Brandford 07 3123331.
Patent 614628 Divisional patent 618874

Enviro-Wands Electric Fence Outriggers.

-Protect fences and fencelines.
-Safe for stock.
-Stop stags rubbing posts away with coronets.
-Disperse fenceline pacing.
-Effective on both cattle and deer.
-Enable rutted fencelines to heal.
-Easy to put up.
-Made to order.

Contact Jerry Brandford Ph (07) 312 3331

Note: No grass seed has been sown on any of the fencelines.
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EnviroWands Check out this exciting new electric fencing innovation. -Elimination of fence ruts - Protection of your fence and fence lines - Simple and easy to install. - Practical, effective and safe for your deer and for the environment.

New Zealand
Ph: 07 312 3331

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Jerry Brandford 07 3123331