Foveran Deer Park 41st Elite Sire Stag Sale
Mordecai @ 5
Mordecai @ 5
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Lot 1 Lot 4 Lot 5 Lot 6
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Foveran Deer Park 41st ANNUAL ELITE SIRE STAG SALE SATURDAY 6TH JANUARY 2024 @ 1PM Viewing on sale day is from 11.30am Catalogue NOW ONLINE

Barry Gard
Foveran Deer Park 41st Elite Sire Stag Sale
Hakataramea Valley
North Otago
Ph: 03 436 0680
03 436 0681

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Postal Address Contacts
P O Box 119 Kurow North Otago Barry Gard - 021 222 8964
Bob Robertson - 027 268 8996

Conditions of Sale Insurance Guarantees
Page 4 & 5 of catalogue or link above

Dear Clients and Friends,
Welcome to our 41st Annual Elite Sire Stag sale. We have just
completed selecting the stags at the time of writing and can
report they are showing great potential. We have decided not to
include photos of the stags on offer in this catalogue as often we
have posted later photos on our Facebook page which show the
stags off much better, prior to the catalogue being printed.
For the most up to date photos of the sale stags follow us on
Facebook. Alternatively we will be sending out emails with photos
coming up to the sale.
This year we have a wide selection of Sires in the pedigrees of the
stags on offer. It is pleasing to see great results coming from our
home bred sires as well as others bred by ET or AI.
We have had a very busy hunting season in 2023 and are
expecting a very busy 2024 as well. It is great to see after a three
year hiatus and so we expect the demand for trophy stags to be
strong. As a result we have included a reasonably large selection
of 4 year old stags in our offering. Many of these stags also have
great potential as breeding stags.
We need to remind you about the usual conditions of sale. ALL
OF FOVERAN. It is too difficult to keep antlers and deliver them
to you later. The best way to keep your antlers is to have your
stag delivered with his antlers on. Although this involves a higher
cost, it is far safer for your stag to take him home and remove his
antlers when they are hard.
As always you are welcome to view the sale stags at any time prior
to the sale by appointment. Remember too that all of the stags are
guaranteed. We are always interested in any feedback you would
like to share with us. Our stags have a reputation for shifting well
and so you can buy with confidence knowing they will improve with
We look forward to catching up at the sale and wish you well with
your purchases. Good luck with your bidding!
Kind regards
Barry Gard & Staff at Foveran Deer Park

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