Forest Road Farm Stag Sale
Lot 2 -3 Yrs Even Stevens / T-Rex  Lot 3 - 3 Y Stag Even Stevens / Wisom Lot 4 - 3Y Stag Wotdonis / T-Rex Lot 5 - 3Y Stag Even Stevens / Ruger
Lot 2 -3 Yrs Even Stevens / T-Rex Lot 3 - 3 Y Stag Even Stevens / Wisom Lot 4 - 3Y Stag Wotdonis / T-Rex Lot 5 - 3Y Stag Even Stevens / Ruger
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Was on Friday 13th December 2019 12.30pm. On Farm. Selling 3yr velvet Sire Stags and Yearling Hinds. Catalogue NOW online Current photos and profiled lots. NEW STAR lot Added 11 Dec 19

Grant Charteris
Forest Road Farm Stag Sale
902 Gwavas Road
Central Hawkes Bay
Ph: 06 8565747

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Red Deer
English Cross
3 Yr Stags
In Calf Hinds
Velvet Stags
PGG Wrightson

Postal Address Contacts
902 Gwavas Road Tikokino Central Hawkes Bay 4274 Grant Charteris - 027 230 8531

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Welcome to our third on farm stag sale at Forest Road Farm. We have been breeding Red Deer for over
35 years, with my late Father Bruce being one of the early adopters in the late 1970's to the early 1980's.
Bruce had always focused on body size and tidy velvet while maintaining quality. Since I arrived home
in 2002, we have had a real focus on increasing velvet weights while maintaining quality.
Over the past few years we have made a considerable investment into DNA profiling our whole herd.
There will still be a few holes in pedigrees, but these are filling in quick as the years tick by and it is
enabling us to make a lot more sensible breeding decisions moving forward.
We always use our best bred and heaviest velvet 2yr olds, multi-sire mated over our yearling hinds.
This is proving to give us some fantastic results.
We are very pleased at the style and consistency of the Velvet Sires we are putting forward and are sure
that they will move well and perform for you. We are taking big leaps forward in our whole herd year
by year. Currently our M/A Velvet stags (4yr and older) are averaging 6.7kg from their first cut of
velvet. Our 3yr olds have an average of 5.7kg and last season our 2yr old keepers averaged 3.9kg and
all 2yr olds 3.3kg.
This years sale stags average 6.45 kg (not counting the 5 that haven’t yet been velveted). So there has
been a substantial lift since last year, while maintaining quality.
We are very excited about the years ahead. We have continued to invest in genetics with the purchase
of a line of in fawn hinds (mated to top sires) from Cruse Deer and the addition of Forbes to the sire
paddock is sure to have a great impact moving forward. Our homebred sire Gump has taken a big leap
forward this season and produced a stunning 10.3 kg SA head @ 6 yrs. His progeny look amazing and
he will continue the influence of his sire Wotdonis. Brexit our pure Warnham sire cut a beautiful 9.0
kg SA head this season and his spikers look amazing.
This year we have decided to put up 100 yearling hinds from our best velvet genetics. These will be
sold in their breed lines with the number of hinds in each lot varying. As we only have a few years of
DNA information, these hinds have impeccable breeding and the purchasers will be coming in at the
same level as what we are breeding from ourselves, but unfortunately, we can’t keep them all so we felt
this would be a good opportunity to sell them and get our genetics out there.
Our Deer are farmed on class 6 hill country and are farmed well, but by no means pampered. They grow
into big animals that kill out to heavy weights, giving you a real dual-purpose animal.
We have had some great feedback from the last few years of how our stags are moving. Lot 1 from last
years sale jumped from 6.1 kg to 7.8 kg @ 4yrs for Ben Anderson and Amanda Langley. Lot 3 jumped
from 6.2 kg to 7.8 kg for Ngatapa Station and Lot 7 jumped from 6.0kg to 7.44 kg for Simone Hoskin.
We have also had numerous reports at 100% conception rates with our stags. We really appreciate the
ongoing feedback as this is what drives us and motivates us to deliver the best possible product we can
to suit your needs! Your success is our success!
Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the day.
Grant and Sally Charteris

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