Netherdale 37th Annual Elite Red Deer Sale
Lot 1  3Y Stag 10+kg Shelby Bronx
Lot 1 3Y Stag 10+kg Shelby Bronx
Lot 2 3Y Stag 9,08kgs SA2 Lot 3 3Y Stag 10,28 kg SA2 Lot 4 3Y Stag 10,34kgs SA2 Lot 5 3Y Stag 10,16kgs SA2
Lot 2 3Y Stag 9,08kgs SA2 Lot 3 3Y Stag 10,28 kg SA2 Lot 4 3Y Stag 10,34kgs SA2 Lot 5 3Y Stag 10,16kgs SA2
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2024 Netherdale Elite Red Deer Sale Wednesday 10th January 2024 12.00pm on farm & ONLINE with BIDR 461 Glenure Rd, Balfour, Southland

David Stevens
Netherdale 37th Annual Elite Red Deer Sale
461 Glenure Road
Ph: 03 201 6330
03 201 6330

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461 Glenure Rd R D 6 Gore Southland 9776 David Stevens - 0274 331 383

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A warm welcome to our 37th and last Netherdale Elite Red Deer Sale. Another year has slipped by with
a reasonable kind winter and a great start to the spring before we seemed to go back into winter, so
much for climate change.
This year has seen the young sires off to a great start with the 26 month weights up to 230kg. But as
you will see a number of velvet heads are uneven as 3 year olds due to possibly the weather conditions
while growing.
The velvet season is in full swing as I write this and although the prices are back the demand is good
with almost all buyers purchasing. As we are all aware access into the Chinese market for frozen product
is coming to an end. I have always felt it’s not a matter of if but when the Chinese market moves more
product into the sophisticated health sector and this move away from export green could speed up the
We are happy with this year’s offering, although we do still have some stags to cut, the stags that have
been cut have an average velvet weight slightly over 9.00kg, up on last year’s 8.50kg. Any stags not cut
before cataloguing will have their information available on our website as it comes to hand.
Again, every effort has been taken to cut heads correctly to give you the ability to assess an honest
weight and grade. All of the 3 year old stag’s velvet will be displayed on sale day, along with photos with
heads on. As we have sold the Stud Netherdale will not have any 2 year old velvet stags or 13 month
hinds for sale. But, we will be offering a small number of 2th Wiltshire rams following the sire auction.
For those unaware, we do feed crushed grain to our stags from button drop but we do not feed PKE.
As this is our last sale we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported our
sale in the past 37 years, we have appreciated your support and the opportunity to catch up at least
once a year. We look forward to catching up on the 10th January 2024 at 12 noon or the sale will be
online through the bidr auction website for anyone unable to attend . See bidr details in catalogue.
We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Kind Regards
David and Lynley
Netherdale Red Deer

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