Arawata 30th Annual Stag & Hind Sale
Lot 2- 2 Y Stag
Lot 2- 2 Y Stag
Lot 1 2Y Stag 5,1kg SA Lot 4 2Y Stag Lot 3 2Y Stag 5,25kg SA Lot 8 2 Y Stag 5,05kg SA
Lot 1 2Y Stag 5,1kg SA Lot 4 2Y Stag Lot 3 2Y Stag 5,25kg SA Lot 8 2 Y Stag 5,05kg SA
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Thursday 14th January 2021 at 12.30pm on the Property, Pine Bush, Southland Two-year-old sire stags and 13 month hinds Also two-year-old velveting stags and online with BIDR. Live weights added @ 8 Jan and 2Y velvet stags see links below.

John & Mel Sommerville
Arawata 30th Annual Stag & Hind Sale
95 Titiroa Pine Bush Road
Ph: 03 246 9803
03 246 9803

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2Y Velvet Stags lots 23 to 25
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Postal Address Contacts
R D 1 Wyndham Southland 9891 John & Mel Sommerville - 03 246 9803

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On behalf of myself and Mel I would like to welcome you to our
30th Annual sire stag and hind sale.
This has been a year like no other with Covid affecting our lives and shattering some markets with the venison feeling the brunt of this. The velvet markets have been affected but not to the same degree. But when it comes to making breeding decisions on our farm we have to look at this as a short term issue and make long term breeding decisions for our farming operations.
This year due to the risk of lockdown due to a Covid outbreak we have gone to an online sale with BIDR to ensure our sale can continue plus it provides a new dimension for people who cannot attend a sale to either view or bid.
But despite a fickle season we are very happy with the line-up we have to offer, with all our main sires represented. When in the shed the stags are a pleasure to work with. Big quiet stags that stand there as you walk through them. Which are the type of stags needed for a velvet herd. This season we are seeing a large gap for the price paid for non-typical styles compared to the traditional grade velvet, which shows the importance of breeding for clean velvet with correct tyne placement. One problem you have with having a very consistent style of velvet is that it is very hard picking them in the paddock to photo as they all look the same. Once you get rough velvet genes in your herd it is very hard to get them out.
The maternal sires have proved very popular with their ability to produce good sized red hinds for the breeding herd making them perfect to put terminal sires over plus some also have velvet attributes. The breeding values are a very useful part of insuring that a sire has the true genetic merit that you require and it is important that more breeders come on board.
Due to the normal time pressures of getting the catalogue printed before Christmas, there is a number of sires whose velvet will not be cut by cataloging date, their velvet weights and photos will be available online along with updated live weights of sire stags and 13 month hinds. The velveting stags data will also be available online in early January. There may be some changes in the uncut stags prior to sale day.
We look forward to seeing you all on 14th January 2021 at Arawata.
Have a great Christmas and New Year.
John and Mel Somerville

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