Rupert Red Deer
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Rupert Red Deer is a specialist velvet-based Red deer stud located in the renowned Peel Forest district in South Canterbury, New Zealand.

Rupert Red Deer
147 North Boundary Rd
South Canterbury

Ph: 03 696 3563

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We are a proud family business, with founders Martin and Rikie Rupert living and working on the farm alongside Kiri Rupert and husband Josh Brook, and the latest generation Liam and June.
Our velveting journey began in 2001 with the purchase of a small hind herd and a number of velveting stags. We soon discovered that a poor performing stag needed about the same amount of feed as a top producing stag, and consequently set out to breed the best velveting deer that we could. We sought out and used the best velvet genetics available to us, choosing hardy English Red sires to grow and strengthen our herd.
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Red Deer
English Cross
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Certified for Export DNA Identification
No All hinds have been DNA-profiled and fawn parentage is confirmed using DNA testing.

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147 North Boundary Rd RD 22 Geraldine 7992

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