Tokomaru White Red Deer
4Y Stag Eros 15 Dec 2023
4Y Stag Eros 15 Dec 2023
proven mating to unrelated Red Hinds
proven mating to unrelated Red Hinds
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Aaron and Jenny Craig started farming trophy deer in 2015 when they developed a beautiful property 20 min west of Whanganui. Bringing in Mature Trophy stags for the hunting block and young stock to breed their own.

Tokomaru White Red Deer

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With an initial purchase of 40 in fawn hinds from the garrets herd in Tauranga - 9 white fawns were born. From there they fell in love with the 5 stags and 4 hinds born and each year have built on the combinations it has given them. This year 2023, a mating of 20 red hinds from an unrelated herd to Eros, a stag from the mating of a Red Trophy Sire (Big Red) over the original hinds has given a result everyone didn't expect, with over half coming out white. Super exciting for Aaron and Jenny and for the trophy industry in general. This would have to be one of the best White Red Trophy Stags New Zealand has seen and to see so clearly, he is passing on his genetics.
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