FOVs21 Lot 5 7158/17
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Apex CND Nixon CRW Brusnik
06 6010 TOW
07 7003 Chilles CRWsd15 Lot 19 Achilles SAR
05 595 TOW
FOV 4237/14 Davidson BLT Harley BLT
162 Yellow BLT
FOV 2554/12 Morpheus DG
FOV 254/10

Lot 5: Tag 7158 LW 210KG Pure European 3yr son of Apex STAR LOT 7158 was used as a spiker over yearling hinds. He is a full brother to our sire Robert Hay and every bit as good! As a result we have yearling progeny on the ground and are offering a daughter of this stag as the next lot.

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A proven stag for mating and a well respected pedigree with
sire Apex over Davidson. 7158 has clean heavy front tynes , big strong tops and a long wide
antler structure. 41 points at 2yrs so expect a big multi point antler. If you are looking for a stand
out sire this guy is well worth considering.
Breeding For Selling
3 Yr Stags
Master Sire No AHB Tag 7158/17
Species Red Deer Date Born -
Breed European DBVs
Bred By Foveran Deer Park Heritability
Owned By DNA