Kudos ARW
7 kgs @ 4
7 kgs @ 4
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Austin KPD ( Olivers) Taylor James
817 WDM Harvey
607 WDM
360/01 AR Marco Buccaneer
OW89 Dick

KUDOS: We reattained this stag as a sire. With his huge 2 year velvet weight of 5.75kg SA at 2 years, he will be a useful addition. At 6 years he cut a well balanced 9.7kg SA head of velvet.


AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
2 5.75 kgs OG    
3 5.90 kgs SA    
4 7.00 kgs SA    
6 9.70 Kgs SA    
7 9.20 kgs SA    
8 9.00 kgs SA    

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Species Red Deer Date Born -
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