Stag Profile List for Tower Farms
The Pentagon TOW The Pentagon TOW The Pentagon is a full brother to 3yr stag 16 685 who cut a perfect head of 6.9kg of SAP velvet this year, as was The Pentagons 3yr head of 7.21kg SAP velvet, placing him second in the NIVC 2017. The Pentagon TOW
Fig Jam Fig Jam Exceptional trophy stag in antler (clean bottom tynes (for velvet) very very wide spread, multi pointed tops). Fig Jams PASS ON RATE in his male offspring of his own attributes is PHENOMALLY high Fig Jam
Beauden TOW 13 325 Beauden TOW 13 325 Trophy “Caviar” in the look of Beaudens 3yr antler, everything we want in our signature trophies, perfectly clean bottom tynes, exceptional spread,and good clean multi tops. Beauden TOW 13 325
Burling Burling Burling was sold in our 2013 Stag Sale to Todd and Frania, and we purchased him back in Feb 2017. Burling
Grafanarkis TOW Grafanarkis TOW EXCEPTIONAL velvet weight, style and round beam length in Grafanarkis’ velvet. His first full crop of 2yr stags in 2016 cut velvet which CONSISTENTLY reflected his own. Grafanarkis TOW
Mustard Mustard “Mustard” is a full brother to 3yr stag 13 3004 “Rigby” who made $138,000 in our December 2016 Stag Sale. Chosen as a breeder this year for his orthodox clean lower style, no droppers, and multi tops. Mustard
Klein TOW Klein TOW Exceptional temperament and velvet beam size at 2yrs of age (18/19, 20/19) with style similar to Bonhomme and Grafanarkis. Klein had a protracted left rear hoof infection through August and September 2016 which may have been responsible for an unorthodox beam shape in one stick of his velvet. Klein TOW
Rio CRWsd17 Lot 6 14 407 Rio CRWsd17 Lot 6 14 407 Rio won the 2016 Rising Stars 1yr competition with a 40 point head measuring 421 IOA including spread and burrs. He was used @ 15mths by Tower farms, he returned to grow an attractive wide 40 points at 2yrs. This will be a very big scopey high scoring head when he matures. Rio CRWsd17 Lot 6 14 407
Tarentino TOW Tarentino TOW Like Fig Jam, Tarentino was retired in 2016. While missing a bez tyne which would have taken him into the record books his score of 756 SCI was most pleasing as was his 67 inch spread. We programmed all Tarentinos’ hinds before he left us in late March so will enjoy his offspring for three more years to come. Tarentino TOW
Britain TOW Britain TOW Britain was retired in 2016, and while he was purchased for attributes in orthodox velvet, his top line background gave him a respectable 585 SCI score. There are some interesting examples of his genetics showing in this years three year olds Britain TOW
Discombe Discombe Discombe was retired in 2016 with a score of 652 SCI and a spread of 62 inches. Both he and his full brother cross exceptionally well over Fig Jams daughters and vice versa with many of these combinations displaying 1.2 metre wide spiker heads. Discombe
Parker TOW Parker TOW Parker was a twin out of Watsons dam 98 814. He was sent to the commercial block because as you would expect from a twin he didn’t make the minimum sale weight at 2 years. However with time his body weight has caught up and his velvet is a mirror image of his sire Ideal Neil. Parker TOW
Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster grew a spectacular 2yr head, he came 7th in the 2006 National 2yr Hard Antler Competition with three good tynes broken off during stripping. Lancaster
Sire 12 200 TOW Sire 12 200 TOW A well developed yearling son out of Adonis’ No 1 daughter “Passion”, also mother to Motdonis, Zidarn and Jabuka with the untouchable Leon (817 4/8 IOA) as his sire Sire 12 200 TOW
Bandit CRW Bandit CRW Bandit is an outstanding Nixon son from Todd’s “back paddock”. He is one of two Nixon sons to score 600+ IOA at 3yrs, and is the 7th son from Nixon’s total stag fawn drop in 2012, Bandit CRW
2Eze TOW 2Eze TOW A casual big young stag out of top trophy dam Pepper, Mother of Discombe, Holy Oak and Apollo. 2Eze TOW
Kinzett 08 136 Kinzett 08 136 A perfect 7.82 kgs velvet head @ only 3 years from this Warnham Stag Kinzett 08 136
08 830 TOWs2 08 830 TOWs2 Son of 01 14, previous sons sold - one by Motdonis sold in Jan 09 for $6,000 and one by Shock’nor Jan 2010 sold for $4,500. 08 830 has excellent lower tynes with fat trezs and beam with a nice flat aspect. 08 830 TOWs2
Za Co Zee Za Co Zee Za Co Zee’s pedigree is compiled by and largely from genetics at Netherdale, The Swanns and Altrive. Za Co Zee’s early high production stats of 6.22 kg SA2 @ 2 yrs has increased nicely. Za Co Zee is the National 2yr Velvet Champ 2009. Za Co Zee
Holy Oak Holy Oak Holy Oak was 3rd behind his brother Discombe in the National Rising Stars 2yr Hard Antler competition 2008. Holy Oak
Zidarn Zidarn After cheating death, following major surgery in March 08, a mating season and a six month drought, Zidarn grew a magnificent set of antlers the largest on any red stag in NZ in 2008 at 653 inches. Remarkable! Zidarn
Motdonis Motdonis At 3 yrs Motdonis produced a record breaking weight in Hard Antler of 14.03 kg and a new record for age 511 inches (36 pts). At 5 yrs Motdonis grew a massive 22.445 kg head measuring 600 Inches (MM H Hall). Motdonis
Warlord Warlord Warlord was used as a sire as a spiker and put up an impressive head @ 2 years of age, which earned him the National Hard Antler Champion Award in February 2005. Warlord
918 Passion 918 Passion Tower Farms No 1 Adonis daughter. Dam of Motdonis, Zidarn, Jabuka, our hind Stella, Willow Creeks P326 and our 05 500 and 03 341 See below to see just how special this hind is. 918 Passion
03 3007 TOW Pepper 03 3007 TOW Pepper Dam of Discombe, Holy Oak and Foverans Apollo. Lot 6 of Towers December 2013 sale and new Sire 2Eze and also Lot 6 of the 2007 Stag Sale. 03 3007 TOW Pepper
Shock'nor Shock'nor Shock'nor expressed another aspect of his versatility as an all round Venison Velvet and Trophy sire by taking out 1st place in the North Island Velvet Competition Maiden Head Section cutting 7.75 kgs SAP velvet. Shock'nor
Madison Madison Madison’s wide aspect and length of tynes coupled with the attractive clean nature of his head made it standout in any paddock. These attributes make his genetics an ideal tool for adding scope to any velvet or trophy breeding program. Madison
North n South North n South North n South sported one of two of the most talked about and physically correct velvet heads in the South Island Sale circuit in 2012. North n South cut 5.42kgs of SAP style velvet, barring a knock to the back of the left main beam. North n South
IdealNeil IdealNeil A new home and a new name. This stag was formerley Neil and Carol Stewart's Reuben. We liked him so much we brought him as our new Velvet Sire. IdealNeil
X Factor X Factor X Factor is another home bred stag that is outstanding in his field (literally!) and adds another facet to our velvet breeding program. X Factor
Watson Watson Watson’s head of 13.88 kg @ 6 is an outstanding achievement considering his young age. Watson
River Dance River Dance River Dance grew an eye-catching 2yr head – a replica of his sire King. River Dance
Pacquin Pacquin Like Rembrarnt, Pacquin's sons at 2 and 3 years bolted past their sire’s performance at the same age. Mr Flugin at 2 yrs cut 4.18 kg SA2, at 3 yrs, 6.8 kg of SA velvet, 7.56 @ 5yrs and 8.25 @ 6yrs. Pacquin
King King The addition of King to the team was a result of some long term homework into the direction Tower farms wanted to go in respect to antler architecture. King
Jethrow Jethrow Building from his top spiker head In 2005 Jethrow produced the most expansive, long tyned 2 year head at Tower farms to date. Jethrow
Rembrarnt Rembrarnt The stag Rembrarnt is also synonomous at Tower Farms for his contribution to our velvet genetics. Rembrarnt is certainly leaving sons with long beam but his most important attribute was density and this evident in his sons and sons of his daughters. Rembrarnt
Buccaneer Buccaneer Tower Farms super sire Buccaneer was our foundation velvet sire that had a profound effect on the quality of our velvet producing hind base. Buccaneer
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