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Fig Jam @ 5
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Discombe @ 7 Tarentino @ 6 Holy Oak @ 7 Za Co Zee @ 5
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“Tower Farms Quality Red Deer” Tower Farms is a family owned and run business and was established in 1978.

Joe Crowley
Tower Farms
188 A Discombe Road
Ph: 07 823 3309
07 823 3380

Cambridge, New Zealand
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In January 1990 we held our first annual stag sale and with the addition of hinds sales
we’ve held auctions annually ever since.Tower Farms super sire Buccaneer was our foundation velvet sire that had a profound effect on the quality of our velvet producing hind base. Buccaneer has since passed on and we are in a whole new era with velvet weights that were truly unimaginable 10 years ago.

“Early maturing" is the buzz word at the moment with our top velvet sires and there progeny hitting weights in excess of 6, 7 & 8 kilos in their first 4 years.

At Tower farms we have always concentrated on beam and style but are now starting to expand our focus to also include length of beam and by doing that with Watson for example we are achieving some champion heads. The stag Rembrarnt is also synonomous at Tower Farms for his contribution to our velvet genetics. Rembrarnt is certainly leaving sons with long beam but his most important attribute was density and this evident in his sons and sons of his daughters. Buccaneer, Rembrant and Watson have also stamped their mark on many of deer with regards to temperament, resulting in quiet deer with dark well balanced heavy antler heads.

Tower Farms has always had an element of safari genetics in its sire stag team but it has only been in the last 6 years that we have been making breeding decisions specifically for this market. Our foundation sire in this respect would have to of been Baron, a highly versatile Yugo-Woburn stag who although left us many years ago is still contributes certain aspects to our safari breeding today.

The addition of King to the team was a result of some long term homework into the direction Tower farms wanted to go in respect to antler architecture. Madison also adds to the team by offering long tynes, long beam and the wide aspect that we are looking to infuse into our modern safari animals.

Today Motdonis would have to be the safari star on the farm as his achievements to date are not only a first for the farm but also for New Zealand, with a score of 600 inches @ 5 years we think he’s pretty special. Venison We have a small nucleaus of Eastern animals, dominated by Madsions influence who we will be joining with Shocknor to provide quiet, well framed, high growth rate animals
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