Cane FOV
751 IOA @ 4
751 IOA @ 4
December 2019 841 IOA @ 5 No image to display No image to display
December 2019 841 IOA @ 5
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Y 142 WDM Harvey
FOV 2471/12 Huneric Brusnik
FOV 8244/08 Jamieson
FOV 6585/06

Cane has been bred here at Foveran. A son of the very heritable McCaw who has produced us so many top stags in previous sales. At 841 IOA at just 5yrs, Cane would have beaten the current SCI World Record. His mass of antler is impressive and he is growing another massive head this year.2020


AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
2  11.78 kg504 5/8 IOA   
3  15.5 kg641 IOA  
4  22.14 kg751 IOA  
5   841 IOA   

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At 504 5/8 IOA, Cane
was placed 4th in the National 2yr HA Competition. As a
3yr old he was placed 3rd in the 3yr section. As a 4 yr old
he was placed 2nd in the 4yr section of the Rising Stars
at 751 IOA.
Breeding For Selling
In Calf Hinds
Master Sire No AHB Tag
Species Red Deer Date Born -
Breed Composite DBVs
Bred By Foveran Deer Park Heritability
Owned By Foveran Deer Park DNA